the filmmakers

meet the team

Cameron Gallagher, director & producer

Cameron Gallagher was raised in Upstate New York, where his passion for filmmaking began with a VHS camcorder creating short skits with his brother, Grant. During high school and beyond, Cameron has made hundreds of skits, shorts, commercials, and wedding videos since then, including Crypt TV's THE FORGOTTEN and THE ALIVE under his production company with producing partner Zack Porlier. The whole team coming together helped Cameron step up for their most ambitious short, THE RICKETY MAN, based on Jeremiah Lewis’s award-winning script. He runs his own production company producing video and photographic content for such brands as Johnson & Johnson, Neutrogena, Girl Scouts of America, Cornell University, Band-Aid, Future Farmers of America, Listerine, among others. Cameron boasts extensive experience in the pipeline of film production, from budgeting, storyboarding, pre-viz, and pre-production into production, including location/sound stage, green screen, studio, and drone, and then into post-production with VFX, sound design, color and post.

Jeremiah Lewis, writer & producer

Jeremiah Lewis primarily writes in the horror feature space but also writes television solo and collaboratively that intersects horror and sci-fi, often leveraging his computer science background to write stories that deal with technology, futurism, and their collision with relevant social issues. His Killer Shorts Finalist gothic horror THE RICKETY MAN was made into an award-winning film (debuting at Screamfest 2021 and winning best picture at HorrOrigins, among other awards). Previously he has served as editor and producer of the Ethiopian-American immigration drama 13 MONTHS OF SUNSHINE, which saw theatrical distribution and later was an early adopter of streaming video on demand through Amazon and other streaming platforms. He went on to also produce, write, and direct the streaming series COPY, which was filmed in Madison, Wisconsin.

Zack Porlier, producer

Zachary Porlier is a producer whose passion for creating began at an early age with his love for drawing. Throughout the years, this creativity spread into ice sculpting, photography, video production, and even visuals effects. Considered a “Zack of all trades,” his well rounded creativity has blossomed into hundreds of projects. As a producer at Black Mountain Visuals, Zack has overseen dozens of video projects from commercials, wedding films, to narrative works like THE FACELESS, THE RICKETY MAN, and now LUCID. He specializes in overseeing the nuts and bolts of production, and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty making props, fixing costumes or dressing sets, in addition to his talents behind the computer as a visual effects coordinator. Working closely with Cameron has made them a formidable team with a combined twelve years experience working in production environments.